Capt’n & Tenille

I recall as a kid. Very young buying the 45 version of “Love will keep us together” I just thought that was the greatest song I’d ever heard. I played that 45 so much it turned white on the surface. Well it was actually a huge hit in its time. Then they came out with their musical variety show.

Looking back I never realized how popular they really were. Their hits like “Muskrat Love” “You never done it like that” my personal favorite. As kids we thought Daryl Dragon was blind. Idk why.

Their music can still be heard today. I wonder how many copies of “Love will keep us together” sold. Millions I bet. I’ve recently researched the careers of them and learned quite a bit about they’re musical roots. Daryl Dragon was quite ahead of his time and collaborated with other groups around that time as well. Just wanted to acknowledge the achievements of Captain and Tenille. I think they deserve a mention as one of the influential pop groups of the 70’s.